Footy Girls Know How: This Girl Can Week
18-24 March 2019

Don't Let Age Stop You, for inspiration: Read this article on the Vic Health "This Girl Can" website on the playing AFL Masters Footy.

AFL Masters Women partnered with the This Girl Can- Victoria Campaign to encourage women to get active. Exploring barriers to participation, as well as ways to create the right kind of environment for women’s footy, the campaign was a great platform for this new league to attract players for “footy for fun” masters games.

This Girl Can Week is on across the state, championing women of all ages to give physical activity a shot, or return to activity after a break. The website has lots of resources for women to find their inspiration and the right mix of supports to get out and get active. There are lots of inspiring stories and This Girl Can ambassadors sharing their top tips for being active ( )- this week, we asked our Footy girls to share some of their suggestions for getting out there on the park.

• Have a routine, say what you are going to do, such as I’m going for a run in the morning, and then you don’t need to think about it

• Just have to turn up as the sessions are so much fun that you will always enjoy your time

• Plan to do something with your friends, wither that be a team sport or exercising together so that you have the commitment to them and the added enjoyment of catching up to get you motivated to exercise.

• I know that this is for my mental health, it is just so much fun and I really need this in my life

• With the AFLW on the tele, I knew that this was my chance to live that dream, that this masters opportunity was a now or never opening to play footy as I’ve always wanted to. If not now, then when?

• The social aspects of footy are so good- the team is supportive of each other, even if you have never played before

• The highlight of my week is the midweek training session. I really look forward to it!

And what can be more fun than kick to kick at your local park, right? If you are looking for friends to kick to, or looking for some extra support building your fitness and technique so you don’t pull a hammy in the first 5 minutes, come and try women’s masters footy! This Girl Can Week will feature free clinics as well as open training sessions at the 10 clubs for women who would like to come and try.

Article by Brigid Ryan, 14 March 2019.

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