Frequently Asked Questions

When does the season commence?

The season will commence on the 13th of April 2019. There will be ten games, played fortnightly.

How long are the games?

Games are 4 x 15 minute quarters, with five minute breaks at quarter, and three quarter time; and 10 minutes at half time.

What are the training requirements?

AFL Masters training is once a week, typically on a Wednesday night, but varies from club to club. Training will either be mixed with the Mens, or a women’s only training, depending on the club. Training is not compulsory, however football does require a base level of fitness, so if you cannot attend training, it would be advised to do some fitness work outside of game days.

Training Options
I currently play in a Seniors team, can I play both?

Yes. If you are currently involved in a Seniors team, and also want to try AFL Masters or transition over time, you can play in both leagues. This is particularly beneficial if you are not getting as much game time as you would like in your Seniors team. A permit to play both can be arranged through your club. You will just need to respect that when playing AFL Masters, you are playing under a modified set of rules.

What is the age requirement?

Recently a majority ruling decision was made by the AFL Masters Victorian Metropolitan board that only women who are 35 or above, or turning 35 in this calendar year (2019) are eligible to play. There will be an exemption for players between 30-34 who were registered in 2018 and played at least one match between round 1-6, who will be eligible to continue to play.

What do I wear

You would wear typcial clothes you would wear to the gym for training. Game days have a playing uniform: Guernsey, Shorts and Socks are arranged through your club. Plain coloured leggings/tights/compression tights/bike shorts of any length are allowed also.

Can I bring my children along?

AFL Masters is a family friendly environment, so kids are welcome to come along with supervision, however there currently isn’t child minding available, but this is something that could be considered if the demand requires in the future. Your kids might even want to join in at training sessions, which in many cases is fine.

What days are games?

Games will be played on Saturday afternoons. There will be two venues, with a carnival vibe with multiple games played at each venue each round, with either two or three matches played.

What if I can’t play every week?

AFL Masters generally has a more casual approach to availability and can accommodate varying commitment levels. Playing with lower numbers on the field or sharing players is part of the spirit of AFL Masters. If you cannot commit to playing in a team to play every week, teams often need fill ins, so this might be an option for you.

What are the modified rules?

As with the standard Laws of the AFL, protection of the body is the highest priority. AFL Masters rules are not significantly different to the true game, however age is taken into consideration in the interpretation. Although AFL Masters is still a contact sport, and as with all sport, injury is always possible, the modified rules make for a lower risk of injury. Our umpires will not tolerate any rough conduct. AFL Masters doesn’t have boundary umpires to reduce the burden of finding helpers from week to week. If the ball goes out of the field boundary, the ball is bounced (or thrown up in wet conditions) as a ruck contest. Players are encouraged to have their own private health insurance and ambulance cover, as only public liability insurance is included in player fees.

Laws of the AFL Modified Rules
How much does it cost?

The cost can vary based on the sponsorship efforts of the club, and inclusions, but fees typically include public liability insurance, umpires, trainers and playing uniform (on loan). You will also need to purchase your own footy boots and a mouthguard. Note that you are required to organise your own private health insurance.

I keep hearing about a Masters Carnival, what is it?

Once a year, there is a week long National AFL Masters Carnival hosted by a different State. Although the carnival has been going for over 30 years, the women have had a competition in the carnival for the past three years (Gold Coast in 2016, Geelong in 2017, Coffs Harbour in 2018). The Carnival will be held in Townsville this year from the 29th of September to 5th October 2018. If you are keen to play in the National Carnival (you will have the time of your life), the cost is approxiamtely $700 to register (which includes playing uniform (to keep), umpires, trainers, various functions throughout the week and the presentation night. Everyone who goes to the carnival has an incredible time where like-minded footy lovers get to play footy and socialise. It is an event for the whole family.

Not sure whether you are fit enough?

Check out Women’s AFL Masters supporter, Davey Black Fitness, based in Elsternwick, who can provide football specific training programs designed to get your body moving again. Specialist Coaches will help you build your fitness back through individually targeted exercises to help make you a more robust player, reducing your risk of injury and increasing your ability to run out a game.

Davey Black Fitness

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